Mexican & South Western


1PM to about 11PM

Dinner starts at 7PM

As summer departs, learn about foods that will have you thinking of warm climates. This class will let you experience foods that are beyond burittos, taco and chili. It doesn’t have to be hot, but it can be, that’s up to you. Your menu choices may include: Mango Salsa, Chorizo Corn Quesadillas, Tampico Shrimp, Mango Chili Shrimp, Tequila Pork Tenderloin, Jicama Citrus & Onion Salad, Texas Barbeque Pork Ribs, Carne Asada Grilled Steak, Cornbread Crusted & Stuffed Chicken, Calabacitas Squash & Corn, Chili Rellenos, Rice Verde, Jicama Hash Browns, Mango Lime Sorbet, Queso Fresco, Pumpkin Pecan Corn Cake with Lime Icing and Capirotada de Norteño Bread Pudding. 

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