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Making Sauces with the Sauce Master, Arthur!

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•$65 Per student

•3:30PM to 7:30PM

You’re ready to create a sauce for a party, an upcoming special event or create that 'something special' you've been craving. The items in the store don’t work for you, maybe they have too many chemicals or the one you want doesn’t exist or perhaps you're lucky enough to have a garden full of ingredients at your door.  This is a class to get you on the right path to meet your needs.  Learn from the man who has over 25 different flavors of sauces in stores across New England in a shortened afternoon tutorial covering everything you want and need to know.  Each student will take home jars and bottles of the sauces produced by the class and a recipe packet. The items made may include or have variations of:  Vinaigrettes - Grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange and all the varieties in-between.  Raita - An Indian sauce based on yogurt (dahi) and spices.  Kaeng Khiao Wan - Thai green curry sauce, slightly sweet, made with coconut milk, basil, geen chilies and more.  Tikka Masala Sauce - For your chicken tikka marsala, chunks of chicken in spices, yogurt and tomato.  Murgh Makhani Sauce - A curried butter and tomato sauce used for chicken, shrimp, lentils, wraps and more.  Hogao - A Colombian garlic, onion and tomato sauce.  Chimichurri - Argentinian sauce for grilled foods and more.  Chinese style Sesame Sauce.  Phillipine Island style Banana BBQ Sauce.  Coastal Carolina style Mustard & Vinegar BBQ Sauce.  Memphis style BBQ Sauce, which is known for their hot and sweet tomato based sauce.








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