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Winter Break;

Pizza Day for Kids!

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• $100 per student (includes lunch, snacks and all supplies)

• 9AM to 5PM

After teaching kids chocolate and candy making for the last 8 years, we thought it was time to offer another type of class. This class is for kids who love pizza with a variety of toppings, styles of crust and are experimenters! Just as the boredom of winter vacation sets in, Arthur has developed a class to offer an alternative and to help with family meals. The alumni of our kids holiday confection classes know that classes with Arthur involve a lot of taste testing, laughing and experimenting. The morning will be spent making dough, learning about the chemistry of yeast and the 5 different types of flours we'll provide. Everyone will experience kneading and shaping their pizza dough. The students will taste and experiment with a variety of cheeses and toppings (over 30 in total). Some of the pizza they make will be for their lunch and the remainder snacks or to take home. The afternoon session with take some of the knowledge learned in the morning and create desserts using dough and toppings to snack on and to bring home. The curriculum will touch on aspects of chemistry, microbiology, thermodynamics, physics and math.










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