Curries & The Bay of Bengal


1PM to about 11PM

Dinner starts at 7PM

The old world called places surrounding this as the East Indies, Sumatra, Ceylon, Bali, Siam, Mandalay and Burma. Now they’re called
Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India. Prized for their spices, the foods are varied, but with a
common thread. We’ll create our own curries, roasting and grinding concoctions that will fill your senses.
The menu may include: Indian Moghlai Raan, Madras Murgh, Channar Payesh, Bengali Choto, Maylay Curry Puff, Chingrir Chorchori,
Mulligatawny Soup, Burmese Kaukswe, Bangladeshi Kalia, Pad Thai, Mandalay Nangyi, Sumatran Rujak, Thai Terong Belado, Balian
Babi Guling, Malaysian Saté and Banana Coconut Crème Caramel.

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