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The Basics: Cooking 101

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•$115 Per Student (includes dinner for guest)

•1PM to 11PM, Dinner Starts around 7PM

This class gives you a start in the kitchen, elemental skills, tools and more.  This class makes the perfect gift for a newlywed couple, a recent college grad or even a newly retired, creative individual looking to learn the basics to make the road to cooking an easy one.  We begin with the tools, plan our meal and go from there. Depending on the recipes chosen, the class may include, butchering, vegetable prep, roasting, sauté, sauces, baking and other techniques you can use every day.  The menu will be determined by the class and may include: appetizers, salads, fish, meat, poultry, sauces, vegetables and dessert(s). The menu may include: HORS D’ OEUVRE Brie d’ Amandes Brie cheese sautéd with almonds and garlic Thai Pork Saté(Satay) Marinated grilled pork served with dipping sauces APPETIZER Melanzane Rollati Rolled eggplant with a ricotta, basil and pine nut filling SALADS Chiffonade de Romaine a la l’Orange Vinaigrette et noix de Pécan Glacées Romaine Salad with praline pecans, goat cheese and served with an orange vinaigrette PASTA Penne Primavera Penne pasta with spring vegetables POISSON Mahi Mahi Papillote Mahi Mahi filet in a parchment envelope with lemon and herb ENTREE Poulet Rôti au Vin Chardonnay Butterflied chicken and roasted in white wine with herbs and veggie DESSERTS Apfelkuchen German apple cake Gateau de Volcan de Chocolat Genoise cakes with a molton ganche (chocolate & cream) center








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